adrianwong programmer · retired coal miner



Hi there! I’m Adrian. I currently do computers at YesLogic. I enjoy reading, playing the guitar, and watching the occasional rerun of Bear Grylls’ Man vs. Wild.

My first career was in the coal mining industry. Most of my time was spent in the open cuts, but I had a rather memorable 8-month stint underground. I eventually got figuratively sick of literally working at the coalface, so I went back to school and traded in my pickaxe for soft, elegant programmer hands.

I enjoy the process of poking and prodding computers, and have experienced moments of “programmer joy” when they begrudgingly do my bidding. This blog will attempt to analyse and document these pokes and prods so I can become a more effective poker and prodder of computers so I can experience more moments of programmer joy.

tl;dr: Adrian, miner-turned-programmer, just another tech blog. Opinions are my own.