adrianwong programmer · retired coal miner



Hey there! I’m Adrian, a Melbourne-based software developer currently working for PaperCut. I enjoy reading, playing the guitar, and watching reruns of Bear Grylls’ Man vs. Wild.

In a previous life I worked in the coal mines, toiling away in the depths, accompanied only by my trusty canary. I got sick of (literally) being at the coalface, so I went back to school and traded in my pickaxe for soft, elegant programmer hands. I will pre-empt your first question by saying - yes, I still have the canary. I will pre-empt your next question by saying - yes, parts of this paragraph are fictional.

I have largely enjoyed the process of poking and prodding computers, and have experienced moments of “programmer joy” when they begrudgingly decide to do my bidding. This blog will attempt to analyse and document these effective pokes and prods so I can become a more effective poker and prodder of computers so I can experience more moments of programmer joy.

tl;dr: Adrian, miner-turned-programmer, yet another tech blog. Opinions strictly my own.