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Fare thee well, PaperCut!

Below is a copy-paste of my farewell email for, uh, posterity?

Hi all,

It’s been a solid 1.5 years.

Thank you very much to those of you who have taken the time to have a chat and/or have a listen, and especially to those of you who have taken the time to teach - I am grateful for these interactions (and dare I say, grateful for these friendships).

A few things:

  • To the individual/individuals who have used my shower gel (Palmolive, purple) in the Level 1 bathroom selfishly and without conscience, the bottle is almost empty and I hope you are ashamed of yourself/yourselves.
  • To the owner of the shower gel (Palmolive, light blue) in the Level 1 bathroom, I am sorry. Prior to purchasing my own, I used it selfishly and without conscience. The bottle is almost empty and I am ashamed of myself (although I’m sure I’m not the only individual complicit in this crime).
  • If you are on LinkedIn, I’d like to be your LinkedIn buddy if you’d like to be mine, with one caveat. If you use terms such as “evangelist”, “thought leader”, or “transformation sherpa” to un-ironically describe yourself, I’d rather we remained LinkedIn strangers. My lack of self-confidence and your lack of shame won’t mix.
  • Send me an email at <redacted>! Please?

Take care, all.

There were a few highs, and there were a few lows, but for the most part my stint at PaperCut was as described above: solid. The company has a good concentration of people who are authentic, and who, simply put, give a shit. Thanks to the patience and kindness of these fine folk, I leave a better person than when I first walked in.

This is (probably) the saddest I’ve felt about leaving a company, but I’m excited (and terrified!) for what’s ahead. Time will tell if I’ve made the right choice.