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Maintaining my ageing MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro TIM replacement

I’d never performed any preventative maintenance in the 5+ years I’d owned my late 2013 MacBook Pro, so I figured it was about time I gave its internals a dusting and replaced the stock thermal paste, which had dried out.

My weapons of choice were a can of compressed air, and some Cooler Master MasterGel Maker.

Removing the bottom case was a bit of a pain, due to Apple’s use of those pesky pentalobe screws. Removing the heat sink however, was remarkably straightforward - six Torx T5 screws held it in place, with only a pair of rubber flaps adhered to the fans in the way. (The same couldn’t be said about my early 2015 MacBook Air, which required that the fan and IO board be removed first).

I wish I’d taken some readings prior to this so I could have done a before/after comparison, but I didn’t. Oh well. The CPU idle temperatures are respectable, and the fans don’t seem to spin up as often, so I’m happy.

It’s pretty satisfying having a clean laptop, and I hope this extends its life by just that little bit more.