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Incorporating semantic commit messages into my Git workflow

At work, I recently came across a curiosity while browsing another team’s Git repository. Their commit messages had these recurring, single-word descriptors that I hadn’t seen before. An example:

chore: Clean up .gitignore files.
fix: Fixed incorrect gradle command in Jenkinsfile.

A cursory Google search yielded this: semantic commit messages. In a nutshell, additional structure is imposed on a commit by giving it a type: chore, docs, feat, fix, refactor, style or test. Definitions can be found here.

I thought the motivation behind this was pretty sound, so I gave it a whirl. It’s been pretty effective so far - the added rigidity has forced (encouraged?) me to make atomic commits that are (hopefully) more clearly understood. Not a bad thing!

The write-up below is how I’ve incorporated semantic commit messages into my Git workflow.

I first added a helper function to an existing .githelpers file, with very basic error-checking:


semantic_commit_message() {
    if [ -n "$1" ] && [ -n "$2" ]; then
        git commit --message "$1: $2"
        echo "usage: semantic_commit_message \"type\" \"message\""

Then I created some aliases in my .gitconfig file:

    # Semantic commit messages.
    # Alias convention: 'c' for 'commit', followed by the first
    # two letters of the commit type.
    scm = "!. ~/.githelpers && semantic_commit_message"
    cch = !git scm "chore"
    cdo = !git scm "docs"
    cfe = !git scm "feat"
    cfi = !git scm "fix"
    cre = !git scm "refactor"
    cst = !git scm "style"
    cte = !git scm "test"


$ git cfe "Add semantic commit message aliases"
[master e189a7a] feat: Add semantic commit message aliases

$ git cst "Insert newlines at EOF"
[master cf9b763] style: Insert newlines at EOF

The dotfiles mentioned above can be found here.