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Starting my SICP journey

As I recall it, I first came across the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) sometime in 2013, shortly after returning to university for Computer Science. I was a keen bean, Googling for “must-read” books for aspiring programmers, and SICP was a name that was mentioned often. So I took the plunge. Downloaded the text, looked through the first chapter, got confused, and left it to gather virtual dust.

In hindsight, I clearly wasn’t ready for it. Now, with a little more experience under my belt, I reckon I’m much better equipped to give it a proper go.

If the reviews on the interwebs are to be believed, SICP covers the fundamentals and does it really well. Some reviewers have even gone so far as to call it enlightening. I find the promise of coming out of this experience with stronger mental models of computation much more enticing than chasing the next shiny language or JavaScript library.

So. Time to lace up those walking boots. For the next few months, it’s you and me, SICP.